Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meeting set for Monday December 3rd

All student athletes interested in trying out for the 2013 baseball program need to attend a meeting after school on Monday December 3rd.  The meeting will take place at 3:15-4:00 in the school cafeteria.  Please be sure to schedule transportation home on that day.  The entire coaching staff will be available for questions after the meeting.  Parents are invited to attend if this helps with tranporation issues.

Winter sports athletes are asked to stop by the cafeteria to pick up a information packet.  Winter sports athletes are NOT permitted to miss a schedule practice or show up late due to the baseball meeting.  If no conflicts exist you're more than welcome to attend.

Off season work-outs will begin on Monday January 7th.  Athletes will meet in Coach Perk's classroom. Workouts will start at 3:25 and finish no later then 4:45 each day.  The work-out schedule will be discussed at the meeting.  All athletes not participating in a school sponsored winter sport are encouraged to attend the sessions.